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Who Is BlackswanFx?

The platform designed for the inconsistent trader

Who Are We?

BlackswanFX is a platform that aims to help aspiring forex traders achieve consistency in their trading.

BlackswanFx is considered one of the top companies for forex signals and education.

Ben personally built the entire system himself, utilizing old marketing skills he learned from his first venture.

According to Ben, the company and system are built for the people.

He loves helping others because of his personal struggles, having been given the wrong knowledge as a child and enduring a challenging first 25 years of his life.

Now, he finds joy in giving back and helping others overcome their struggles. 

BlackSwanFX’s mission is to become the leading trading education platform by using proven systems to eliminate psychological barriers that prevent traders from achieving consistent profitability.

BlackSwanFX’s vision is to eliminate the mental challenges of manual trading by leveraging proven systems that enable their customers to achieve consistent profits in the forex market, regardless of their level of expertise in trading.

If you are interested in what BlackSwanFX has to offer, please visit their website and consider taking advantage of their seven-day free trial

Learn how Ben Alistar overcame adversity to become a successful forex trader and proprietor of blackswanfx.com, offering tailored systems for traders.

Who Is Ben Alistar ?

Ben Alistar is a professional forex trader and the proprietor of http://www.blackswanfx.com.


He commenced his trading journey three years ago after experiencing the sudden loss of his ecommerce brand and businesses due to disinformation campaigns on social media.


Remember “As one door closes another one opens”


This event was a turning point for Ben, as he had to choose between succumbing to self-pity or leveraging his past experiences to achieve success in a new field.


Ultimately, he chose the latter and established himself as a proficient trader. Ben lost over $300,000 USD before becoming a consistent trader.


He built http://www.blackswanfx.com to help others overcome the same obstacles he faced, saving them time and money with multiple systems tailored to their level of experience.

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We’re always happy to talk. Use the bottom right corner of this page to contact our live chat team, or click the button below to send us an email!


We're always happy to talk. Use the bottom right corner of this page to contact our live chat team, or click the button below to send us an email!

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