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What Are Forex Signals


A forex trade signal is referred to as an indicator gotten from a factor or combination of different factors that signals when it is the right time to buy or sell a Forex pair. For instance, a technical indicator such as a Moving average crossover predicts the point of a trend reversal, indicating a change in trend position.

Traders that know how technical analysis works use a lot of forex signals when it comes to their trades. One of the advantages of trading using signals is the ability to get rid of gut feeling, you don’t only rely on your instincts and guys to make decisions on trade. With trade signals, you get to make good and more reliable decisions.

Most traders that are technically inclined and know how to use automatic trading systems always make use of trade signals gotten from technical analysis. This method enables them to carefully deduce when to enter or exit a trade by carefully analyzing the price actions of the said financial asset.

The use of trade signals in trade could considerably improve your trading yields, it doesn’t matter if you u

se your trade signals or depend on a forex signal provider with a good track record of delivering good and quality trade signals.


The fundamental Forex signals that most traders tend to use comprise areas on the price chart where retailers and customers merge. This is known as the support and resistance levels. They converge at the support level if it’s below the current market price and at the resistance level if it’s above the current market price.

Traders tend to use these well-detailed areas to place limit orders, such as the stop loss and take profit orders. They normally set their buy limit orders ahead of the support levels, and their sell limit orders before the resistance points. They also get to set their stop-loss orders below the support level and above the resistance points.




This type of technical indicator generates a trade signal when a short-term moving average crosses over the long-term moving average, when this happens the crossover forms a buy signal. But in a case where the short-term MA crosses underneath the longer term MA, it then indicates a sell signal.


The directional movement is another indicator that helps in knowing if the price of an asset is trending in a certain direction, and it also shows the momentum of the price trend.


Calculating the volatility history of an asset can enable you to evaluate the level of risk involved in the trade. This indicator depends on the past price action of the asset. With this indicator, you can also know the lot size that should be traded based on the risk management level. The higher the historical volatility, the higher the risk.


Oscillators are a type of technical indica

tor that shows the overbought and overbought situations on the market. These indicators are often used during technical analysis. One other most prominent technical indicator under this category is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), this is the most used type of oscillator indicator, and it is used to generate forex signals.


The RSI indicator is a fixe

d momentum indicator that ranges from 0 to 100, it signals a trend reversal when the level shifts indicating an overbought or an oversold condition of the market.

A market reveal can be indicated when the RSI indicator moves above the 80 level indicating an overbought market condition, and a market decline can be indicated when the RSI indicator moves below the 20 level.


The easiest way to get a Forex signal is by getting it from a signal provider. Some software surveys the Forex market for trading signals. You can also go through a company that provides trade signals for its users. These signals can be provided through various means such as SMS text messages, Email or online platform notifications, WhatsApp, and Telegram messenger. Various online brokers also provide trade signals for their traders.

The best thing is to find a good signal provider that best suits your trading plan and invest in the company. Also, try to look for the ones with good profitable track records. Some signal providers can provide automated trade signal orders for you, which can help you take full advantage of the market before it moves away from you!

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