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Unlock success in FTMO Challenge with Phantom EA by - proven 80%+ pass rate, superior risk management & consistent performance.

The Best EA for Passing FTMO Challenge

“The Best EA for Passing FTMO Challenge”


The Forex market has attracted many traders due to its high liquidity, 24-hour trading availability, and the potential for significant profits. One of the most promising opportunities in the market is provided by prop trading firms like FTMO, which offer funded accounts to traders who successfully pass their evaluation process, known as the FTMO Challenge.

To excel in this challenge, traders need to leverage the right tools and strategies, and one such tool is the Phantom Expert Advisor (EA) by

This article explores the benefits of using Phantom and why it stands out as the best EA for passing the FTMO Challenge.

Phantom by An Overview

Phantom is a powerful and versatile EA developed by A team of experienced traders and developers dedicated to providing innovative and reliable trading solutions. This EA has been specifically designed to help traders pass the FTMO Challenge by offering a range of features that emphasize risk management, consistency, and profitability. Phantom includes set files that have been backtested, forward-tested, and tested on live accounts, boasting an impressive 80%+ pass rate.

Key Features of Phantom EA

Risk Management

FTMO places a strong emphasis on risk management, as traders must adhere to specific rules, such as maintaining a maximum daily loss limit and a maximum overall loss limit. Phantom incorporates advanced risk management features ensuring that traders stay within the prop firm’s guidelines.

Consistent Performance

One of the primary requirements for passing the FTMO Challenge is consistency in trading performance. Phantom EA delivers consistent results by using a combination of proven trading strategies. These strategies have been carefully developed and optimized to ensure a stable and reliable performance that meets the FTMO Challenge objectives with a high pass rate!

Set Files

The Phantom FTMO EA includes a comprehensive set of files that have been rigorously backtested, forward-tested, and tested on live accounts. These files serve as a foundation for traders to build their trading strategies while remaining compliant with FTMO’s guidelines. The files boast an average of an ‘ 80%+ pass rate, this is a testament to their effectiveness and reliability in helping traders successfully navigate the challenge.


The Phantom EA offers a high degree of customizability, allowing traders to fine-tune their trading strategies based on their preferences, risk appetite, and trading style. This flexibility ensures that traders can adapt the EA to their unique needs, this EA has set files for medium and long term too, so traders can use on their account with very low risk keeping your account safe after you pass a challenge, while still maximizing you chances of success in the FTMO Challenge.


We’ve made the Phantom EA as plug and play as it can possibly be, it features an intuitive and user-friendly set up guide and video walkthrough, everything is broken down step by step with no stones left unturned, making it childsplay for traders to set up and manage their trades. This accessibility allows traders to focus on their strategy and execution, rather than getting bogged down with technical complexities.

Dedicated Support offers dedicated customer support, providing guidance and assistance to traders using Phantom EA. This support ensures that traders can address any issues or concerns promptly, allowing them to stay focused on their trading and the FTMO Challenge!

The Benefits of Using Phantom EA for the FTMO Challenge

High Success Rate

With an 80%+ pass rate for the set files (The best one almost pushing a 90% pass rate), Phantom EA has proven its effectiveness in helping traders pass the FTMO Challenge. This success rate showcases the EA’s reliability and efficiency in meeting the prop firm’s stringent requirements.

Minimize Emotional Trading

By automating trading strategies, Phantom EA helps traders minimize the impact of emotions on their trading decisions. This objectivity can be particularly beneficial during the FTMO Challenge, where discipline and consistency are crucial.


Phantom EA automates the trading process, saving traders valuable time that they can use to focus on other aspects of their trading, such as market analysis, strategy development, and performance review.

This time-saving feature is especially useful during the FTMO Challenge, as traders can concentrate on meeting the prop firm’s objectives without getting overwhelmed.

Improved Risk Management

The advanced risk management features of Phantom EA ensure that traders remain within the FTMO guidelines, such as daily and overall loss limits. By effectively managing risk, traders increase their chances of passing the challenge and securing a funded account.

Continuous Improvement

The developers at are committed to continuously improving and updating Phantom EA based on user feedback, market conditions, and technological advancements. This commitment to improvement means that traders using Phantom EA can expect ongoing enhancements that will further increase their chances of success in the FTMO Challenge.


The customizability and versatility of Phantom EA make it suitable for traders with varying experience levels and trading styles. Whether a novice trader or an experienced professional, Phantom EA can be tailored to suit individual needs, ensuring optimal performance during the FTMO Challenge.


The Phantom Expert Advisor by stands out as the best EA for passing the FTMO Challenge. With its emphasis on risk management, consistent performance, and adaptability, Phantom EA provides traders with the tools and support necessary to excel in the challenge and secure a funded account.

The impressive 80%+ pass rate of the included set files further highlights the effectiveness and reliability of this EA in helping traders achieve their goals in the Forex market.

By leveraging the power of Phantom EA, traders can confidently navigate the FTMO Challenge, knowing that they have a reliable and proven tool at their disposal!

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