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Starting All Over Again!

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Hey everyone Ben here! (Brand new Youtube account!) I’m new in the Forex space (Well on social media anyway) I’ve actively ran my own trading company ( and for years but now I want to start putting myself out there on social media and building a real brand presence!

I love being on the camera and have a lot of valuable knowledge to share.

My mission for 2022 is to help as many people because financially free from Forex and I want to show you all the nuggets that most people “Miss” or just simple don’t add into their courses/content purposely!

There’s a lot more to trading than just “Technical Analysis” Even though I pride myself on a 90% technical approach, it’s only 50% of what makes me successful with trading.

(This was a pretty sporadic video) So If i’ve missed anything out please comment below what you’d like to see and ill add it to my content list! If you have any comments regarding this video please comment below or send me a DM privately on my instagram! @fxbenalistar

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