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It’s time for you to become consistently profitable in your trading career, learn and earn with us here at Black Swan! 

✅ Get free Forex, Indices and Commodities Signals.
✅ Leverage our trading experience on Live Zoom sessions.
✅ Learn our proven and powerful trading strategies.
✅ Enhance your trading knowledge with free trading analysis.
✅ Chat 24/7 with our team for anything you need!

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What Can You Expect Inside The Trading Rooms?

USOIL Trade wyckoff ben alistar fx

You can expect high R:R:R Trades with pre and post analysis given for almost every trade idea. (You can see an example of a trade idea from the group using Wyckoff/harmonics) We also manage the trade live together in the group or on live calls ensuring maximum profitability and consistency with your trading.

We always give you pre warning before entering a trade, giving you chance to enter when we drop the trade idea along with the entry. 

We noticed a lot of signal groups just throw signal groups out randomly and this is very frustrating for a lot of people as most people miss the moves and don’t have time to sit and stare at their phones all day waiting for a signal. 

USOIL Pre analysis ben alistar fx
USOIL Trade wyckoff ben alistar fx

Why Choose Us?

Almost every other Signal provider or Educator will NOT give you pre/post analysis before entering trades. Most people will join signal groups and be expected to take a trade with a 100+ Pip SL for a negative Risk to Reward… 

A lot of groups claim to have 90% accuracy most don’t tell you they have a 100 Pip SL and are taking profits at the 10 pip mark…  You’ll end up with nothing every 10 trades…

Risk to reward and profit management are so important when it comes to making consistent gains when trading, and this is something we pride ourselves on the most, helping everyone achieve their goals. 

Best Industry Leaders

Whopping 85% + Accuracy rating sending out between 3-9 signals per day in each of our groups!

Understand Whats Happening

We give you pre and post analysis so you learn while you trade, we also use a consistent risk and profit management system ensuring you have consistent gains.

Education & Coaching

If your looking to take your trading to the next level contact us in the chat to see if you qualify for our 121 or group mentorship program!

Some Recent Client Results!

Our old company name was “” Just to clarify the different business name on some of the of screenshots below!

What To Expect...

If you have any further questions please ask us in the chat or head over to the FAQ’s section at the top of the page!

247 Customer Service

We're based in the USA and Europe so there will always be somebody available to help you regardless of the time of day!

Unbeatable Results

We treat our customers money like our own, we make sure you know EXACTLY why your taking a trade and what to risk.

Save You Money

Let us do the Analysis and share the trade ideas and educate you at the same time, if your brand new to trading it can be very stressful and hard to learn, let us help you, and remember if you have any questions all you need to do is drop us a line!

Save You Time

Marking up charts can be very time consuming and confusing especially if your new to trading, let us do the hard work, share the ideas with you so you can make the most of your time and simply enjoy your profits!


We give you expert trade ideas and analysis, we also teach you the importance or R:R:R & ensure you have a solid profit taking strategy, if you don't have either of those you'll never make money in the markets!

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