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Refund & Cancellation Policy For Signals Service

At Blackswan Fx, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, non-tangible products and services. However, please note that all sales are final and we do not offer refunds for any products or services purchased on our website.Before making a purchase, it is important that you carefully read the service description and fully understand the nature of the product. In exceptional cases, a refund may be granted for a duplicate purchase or an internal issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to making a purchase for further information.It is the customer's responsibility to manage their subscription, including cancelling it if desired. Our website provides customers with a members portal where they can easily cancel their subscription at any time. Additionally, customers who sign up on the website will receive an invoice email with login details for their portal, while those who pay through our customer service Telegram bot can cancel their subscription directly within the bot. Refunds will not be issued for failure to cancel a subscription, as customers have access to cancel at any time 247.Thank you for choosing Blackswan Fx and we appreciate your understanding of our no refund policy..

Refund policy For Prop Firm Passing

Consumers should thoroughly study all of the information before making a purchase.You instantly accept all of the terms and conditions specified below by agreeing to cooperate with us and paying the service charge.(We do not refund discount services)Because of the unpredictable nature of the financial markets, as well as the fact that proprietary corporations have the last say on who gets financed and who doesn't, there are no refunds available after the service price has been paid.If we fail a challenge due to a breach of the prop firm's criteria, you are entitled to a full 100% refund from us or a free retrial; however, if the retry isn't passed your original fee isn't refundable.If we end the month with a profit without breaching the prop firm's rules, we will not give a refund; in other words, if your account is qualified for free retry by the business where you acquired your challenge, we will happily retry the challenge.If a new account registration is already in more than 2% drawdown, no refunds will be made if the account fails at the end of the challenge. (Please bear in mind that reimbursements might take up to 30 days.) If we fail the challenge, we will provide you with a free retry of our service on a new account for the same amount. Please keep in mind that accounts with a drawdown of more than 3% are high risk, and we cannot guarantee their performance.

Contacting us

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this refund policy, we encourage you to contact us using the details below:
1178 Broadway, #1409 NEW YORK, NY 10001

This document was last updated on April 16, 2022