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Our mission is to assist new traders in avoiding blowing up their accounts or causing irreversible financial damage due to a lack of emotional control. This service was built by individuals who failed for those who are presently failing.

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Automated Trading

Every member regardless of the plan has access to our groundbreaking low risk trading robot "Phantom". You can also pass prop firm challenges using this trading robot; simply plug in the set files (provided) and let it do its thing!

Semi Automatic Trading

Set and Forget EA trades support and resistance and has its own trade management system. Each week before market open, we set it up together, then let it run. All we have to do is check the profit sheets each week! Watch the video above for more info!

Live Manual Trading

We've been trading live with our members for over 2 years and will never abandon the manual side of trading. Personally, we prefer manual trading and consider robots to be a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. Trade your style with your preferences.

If you are serious about Trading, you need more than just signals!​

One stop shop for all things trading!

Giving you all the tools you need to be successful in trading regardless of your trading experience our community welcomes everybody! 


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Our Vision

We strive to remove the psychological complexities associated with manual trading by utilizing automation and well-designed systems that ensure consistent and reliable profits for our customers, regardless of their trading experience.


Our Mission

Our objective is to help novice traders in avoiding blowing up their accounts or creating irreparable financial harm due to a lack of emotional control; this service was built by individuals who failed for those who are presently failing.


We're the one stop trading shop!

Master the markets with BlackswanFx

Over 3 Years Providing Signals

We've been on Telegram for three years and just relocated to Discord; the purpose of our new service is to enable anybody seeking to become successful in the Forex market by reducing psychological complexity via training, tools, and automation.

Experienced traders by your side

When it comes to learning something new, having someone to hold your hand is essential, we've always got your back.

Never be overwhelmed by trading education again

We've removed the nonsense most people teach about trading and replaced it with a streamlined strategy that teaches you precisely what you need to know, with ZERO fluff.

What you need to know!

How it works

Every membership plan includes three powerful tools to help you with your trading journey

Daily live sessions with high-quality signals – (Live and manual) (US30, GJ and Gold)

Support/resistance break and retest tool –  Very useful for automating your trading and allowing you to take a “set and forget” approach (This tool removes the emotion from trading)

Phantom Trading Robot – Our ground-breaking, low-risk, fully automated trading system that allows you to manage your own account, pass prop firm challenges, and much more! (Set files are provided.)


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We've served over 8000 Members in 3 years!

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7 Day Free trial on the bronze!

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All memberships include: daily live trading, EA and trading robot access, and prop firm passing set files. The differences between the plans can be seen by checking the “Tick” or “x” next to them below!



7 Day Free Trial!

$ 0 / Month
  • Live Trading
  • Pass Prop Firm
  • Forex/Indices Signals
  • Learn & Earn
  • Trading Robot
  • Discord Access
  • Single License
  • EA's Included
  • Chatroom
  • Trading Course
  • Affiliate Program
  • Inner Circle



$ 99 / Month
  • Live Trading
  • Pass Prop Firm
  • Forex/Indices Signals
  • Learn & Earn
  • Trading Robot
  • EA's Included
  • Discord Access
  • 3 Licenses
  • CHatroom
  • Trading Course
  • Affiliate Program
  • Inner Circle


One-off Payment

$ $3000 One-off
  • Live trading
  • Pass prop firm
  • forex/indices signals
  • Learn & Earn
  • Trading Robot
  • EA's included
  • Discord Access
  • Unlimited License
  • Chatroom
  • Trading Course
  • Affiliate Program
  • Inner Circle

Popular Questions

Featured Questions

Click the 'free trial' button above on the "Bronze Package" then set up your account. You will then have a 7-day trial to make sure is what you are looking for.


It's simple. Register for the Bronze plan, create a username and password, and then choose the membership plan that best matches your needs. Our Gold package is the cheapest option and contains all we have to offer.

The Trading Robot, "Set and Forget EA," and the Live trading group are all available during the Bronze free trial.


We're for traders who are sick of blowing up their accounts, are unable to manage their emotions, or just don't enjoy trading alone and want to be a part of a community


Yes, anybody can learn how to trade Forex, which is why we established a unique technique (Even if your brand new, our automated systems require very little to ZERO knowledge of trading to make money).

Forex trading takes time to learn, feel confident in, optimize, and succeed at. You won't learn Forex overnight, and you won't make money with trading signals unless you have a game plan/system to follow. With our unique technique, you may start profiting from the markets from day one while learning how to trade manually.

We make things easy at and will guide you along the way. We've seen traders with no experience develop with us into successful traders.


We've served over 8000 customers in the last three years, and we've now built a community where hundreds of traders are active and assisting one other.

We hold live sessions throughout the day (in and around London and New York) to share trade bias, assist you in evaluating your own trades, discuss market possibilities, educate you on trading methods, and much more!

We've assisted over 8000 traders and have no intentions to stop; in fact, we've just updated our service!

Within your members section, you will also discover world-class training videos to view at your leisure - these are valuable regardless of your level of trading experience - as well as access to your discord group, affiliate dashboard, and you can even manage your own subscription! 


Despite our name, we are not purely forex signal provider. We are extremely open and warn all of our traders that utilizing forex signals alone will not make you a consistently successful trader. Our community shares its best forex signals, trade ideas, and tools to help you become profitable; these have all been designed in a specific way to help systemize the psychological and technical side of trading; there is a lot more to trading profitably than you realize . 

You can also publish your finest forex signals for community comments so that you may trade with confidence. Signal providers' social media presence has expanded in recent years, however if you are seeking for forex signal services, please do your homework.

Many forex signal providers promise to deliver the "best forex signals" available, but we all know that this is not always the case, and spammers abound in the market. If you would want more information on why utilizing a free forex signal source is not the true approach to create a career trading, please contact us through our 24/7 live chat and we will explain how signals providers function.

We provide a lot more at Blackswanfx.   We are committed to providing world-class trading education, tools and giving you the skills necessary to never depend on a forex signal source.


It is possible to lose money even with such an incredible system. Trading is fundamentally dangerous. As a result, we advise our customers to only trade with "risk capital," or money they can afford to lose. Our software is not a savior. However, you have the option of customizing your software's settings. Depending on your risk tolerance, you may make it conservative or aggressive/risky.


We are utilizing this technology to its fullest potential! We have seen the opportunity to help thousands of people globally through this tech and are doing everything we can to serve our community. It is the driving force behind Blackswanfx's existence!


We completely understand, but please listen. Is it true that individuals constantly earn money trading in the markets? Of course, yes. Is it also true that they have a set of rules or a plan in place to achieve these results? Obviously, YES. So all we've done is build some of the most successful trading tactics to help everyone who utilizes our software trade more effectively.


Yes, you can cancel yourself with a click of a button within your members area, and you can also automatically upgrade/downgrade your subscriptions.


No, the trading robot merely needs the ability to switch on a laptop; if you can do that, you're good to go!

We offer straightforward step-by-step video tutorials within your members dashboard to help you through getting everything set up as soon as you join up.

And if you get stuck at any moment, we offer live chat help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just click the live chat widget down below.


Need more help?

We’re always happy to talk. Use the bottom right corner of this page to contact our live chat team, or click the button below to send us an email!



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