Is This The Best FTMO Passing System | Service | Robot... ?
Is This The Best FTMO Passing System | Service | Robot... ? - live trading, education, and Phantom robot to help you pass the FTMO...

Is This The Best FTMO Passing System | Service | Robot… ?

“Is This The Best FTMO Passing System | Service | Robot… ?”

Forex trading is a highly competitive industry. To succeed, traders must have a solid understanding of the market, risk management, and profitable trading strategies. However, even with the right knowledge, passing the FTMO challenge, which is the industry-standard evaluation process for prop trading firms, can be challenging.

This is where BlackSwanFX comes in …

They offer a comprehensive range of services and resources, including live trading, education, and the Phantom robot, to help traders pass the FTMO challenge and achieve consistent profitability in the forex market.

How Can BlackswanFx Help?

BlackSwanFX is a reputable and reliable platform that provides traders with the opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously.

With their “learn while you earn” approach, traders can trade alongside experienced professionals and receive valuable insights into the market. This approach helps to accelerate the learning process and improve the chances of passing the FTMO challenge.

Live Trading Daily

One of the standout features of BlackSwanFX is their live trading sessions. These sessions are held daily, and traders can watch and learn from experienced professionals as they analyze the market, identify potential trading opportunities, and execute trades in real-time. This provides traders with a unique opportunity to learn from the experts and gain insights into their trading strategies.

Education & Resources

In addition to their live trading sessions, BlackSwanFX offers a comprehensive range of educational resources. These resources include webinars, tutorials, and trading guides, all designed to help traders improve their strategies and make better trades. The educational resources cover a wide range of topics, from basic trading concepts to advanced strategies, and are suitable for traders of all levels.

Best Prop Firm Passing Trading Robot

Moreover, BlackSwanFX provides traders with the Phantom robot, which is one of the best forex trading robots available in the market. The Phantom robot is a set of algorithms that can be programmed to execute trades automatically based on predefined trading rules.

Extensive Testing

The robot has been extensively tested and optimized, and it is capable of passing the FTMO challenge automatically. This means that traders can use the Phantom robot to generate profits and pass the FTMO challenge without having to invest significant amounts of time and effort.

Set Files Included

In addition to providing the Phantom robot, BlackSwanFX also offers set files, which are pre-configured settings for the Phantom robot. These set files have been optimized for specific market conditions and trading strategies, and traders can use them to generate profits more efficiently. These are especially useful for traders who are new to the forex market or are struggling to find profitable trading strategies.

Save 10% Off Your FTMO Challenge!

Another benefit of working with BlackSwanFX is their partnership with FTMO, a leading prop trading firm, you gain access to an exclusive 10% discount from all your challenges just from being a member with! (Click here for your 7 day free trial)

247 Customer Service

In addition to these benefits, BlackSwanFX also offers excellent customer support. The team is highly responsive and always willing to help traders with any questions or issues they may have. The platform is user-friendly, and traders can easily access all the resources and services they need to succeed.


BlackSwanFX is one of the best forex passing systems available in the market.

Their live trading sessions, educational resources, and the Phantom robot all work together to provide traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the forex market. With their “learn while you earn” approach, traders can accelerate the learning process and improve their chances of passing the FTMO challenge. Moreover, their partnership with FTMO provides traders with access to more capital, which can help to increase profits and reduce risks. - For serious traders

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