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how to understand the markets

The ONLY 3 Concepts You NEED to Become a Successful Forex Trader | How to Understand The Markets

how to understand the forex markets
The only 3 concepts you need to understand ANY market!

In this video I cover 3 simple concepts that I use everyday to destroy the markets! 💰 Click here for the video!

Forex Signals:

Indices Signals:

Forex Trading Robot:

These concepts work in every market (Forex, Indices, Commodities,) (NAS100, US30)

Failed high/low concept – Price can only go in one direction for so long before reversing and the candlesticks tell the story here, when you reach a nice POI/retracement you’ll start to see the candles failing to break the last previous high, when this happens you can use the candles as a confirmation if they continue to not break the high/low. You can then use this to target the opposite/high or low and place the stop loss above the previous low/high that was created before the price failed, this is stronger when used with other confirmations!

RSI divergence – This is very good for beginners, normally when you see a CHoCH in supply or demand you’ll see RSI divergence, so if you’re new to trading or struggling to understand price action you can use this indicator to help you! It’s also very powerful when used to trade away from the HOD or LOD (high or low of the day)

50% Fib – You’ll always see a retracement after a break of structure in the markets, a great target that’s very probable is the 50%, the point of equilibrium after the break of structure, if you see failed highs at the 50% after a break of structure you’ve a high probability that the trend is going to continue down and you can trade putting your first targets at the last low and your stop loss above the previous high that broke structure. If you have any questions please post in the comments below! Thanks guys and please subscribe if you find value! Main website: Forex Signals: Indices Signals: Trading Robot: Coaching: Why do I Fail In Trading How To Become a Profitable Trader Why 99% Of Traders Fail

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