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How To Become Successful

Goals were the one thing that once I started using, coupled with a why’s a few years back everything started changing for me. I spent years lost/confused/going round in circles, literally proving “everyone right” regarding my old school teachers/parents etc etc… It wasn’t until I started setting goals leveraging the emotion from the “WHYS” that I realised I could have anything I wanted. Goals give you clarity and with clarity you can achieve anything YOU want. Using the Analogy from the plane in the new video…. “If a plane takes off with ZERO direction/destination where does it go?” Nowhere… It crashes/burns just like most people do in their lives on a daily basis and it’s exactly what I was doing for the first 25 years of my life. If you really want to change your life, look at who you want to be in the next 12 months. By next Xmas, what do you want to have? What do you want to look like? What do you want to change in your life? How much do you REALLY want it? In this New video I help you understand why goals are so important but also show you how to reverse engineer your goals/roadmap into daily action steps. Small moves every single day create momentum and BIG change over time, Remember…

Consistency is the key to success, there’s no quick fix. If you have any comments regarding this video please comment below or send me a DM privately on my instagram 👉 @fxbenalistar

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