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Solve Your Trading Problems OR Your Money Back!

While the Forex Trading academy  is back under construction we’ve opened up a link for you to book 121 calls (Which are fully refundable if we can’t solve you’re trading issues) These consist of a zoom call and lifetime 121 aftercare, but be fast as these calls are in high demand! 

If you’re struggling to become a profitable or consistent trader please book a call below, if we can’t solve you’re issues we’ll refund 100% of your money!

 You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Trading Academy Currently Closed For Enrollment

Both courses in the Forex Trading Academy are currently closed ($0-10k and $10 – $100k Trader) But we do have another fast track solution for you that does include lifetime 121 aftercare! 

We still have our 121 coaching available and our free course for beginners! 

If you’re looking for a fast track ticket to solve you’re trading  problems hit the button above/below and book a private 121 consulting call with us,  where we will take a deep dive into your tactical/mental game really finding what’s holding you back from being a consistently profitable trader!

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Beginners Free Forex Trading Academy!

If you’re new to trading we’ve put together a free short mini course that you can access here (No fee), this will give you an insight of some fundamentals you need to know before you get started, along with some trading principles and strategies you need to become a consistent successful trader. We created this mini course around customer feedback/what beginners tend to ask/struggle with the most when getting started, there are some more advanced tips and tricks in here too, enjoy it and if you’ve got any questions please reach out to the customer service!