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Lot Size calculator!

Unsure about your trading lot size? Want to minimize account risk? You’re covered! Our lot size calculator lets you assess trading risk quickly.


How does the Forex lot size calculator work?

Remember this lesson and you’ll never make the mistake of trading too little or too much. The appropriate lot size for your transaction, based on your preferred level of account risk, may be determined with a few simple steps.

– The two most important aspects of a forex trading account are the trading instrument and the account currency (base currency).

– Put in your account’s trading size.

– Select your desired level of risk (either as a percentage of your total investment capital or a set dollar amount).


Drawdown calculator

Why Use a Lot Size Calculator?

It may assist you in determining the potential impact of a string of losing transactions on the equity of your trading account and in determining whether or not it is possible to recover from those losses.

One thing to keep in mind is that many forex traders will refer to the lot size calculator as the position size calculator.


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