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Best Forex Broker 2023

Our Broker Recommendations


Regulated Broker – Exnesss

We personally use Exness as our non-regulated forex broker, and we find them to be excellent. They process withdrawals surprisingly fast for a regulated broker, and the customer support is super helpful and lightning-fast. The ECN accounts they offer are among the best we’ve tried and have lightning-fast execution and zero slippage. We believe that Exness is the all-around traders’ dream and the best broker to be with in 2023 and beyond. We switched from Vantage a few months ago, as they had terrible customer service and slippage, and we will not be using them again.

Unregulated Broker – HeroFx

We also utilize Hero Fx as one of our non-regulated forex brokers. Our trading activities are divided between Hero Fx and Exness. It is worth noting that Hero Fx is widely used by influential and highly skilled traders. Hero Fx has established a solid reputation, and we can assure you that there is no cause for concern when using their services. The key advantage of Hero Fx is their fast withdrawal process, as they operate with a fully cryptocurrency-based deposit and withdrawal system. Withdrawals are processed in a timely manner, and payments are made in cryptocurrency. We can attest to the quality of the team at Hero Fx, as they are a professional and competent group of individuals. They provide a comparable overall trading experience to Exness, albeit without the regulatory oversight.


What makes a Good Forex broker?


The best Forex brokers in 2023 should be regulated (With some exceptions explained below), offer favorable trading conditions, have a reliable trading platform, good customer support, convenient deposit/withdrawal options, and have a good reputation. Regulation provides protection for client funds and ensures fair practices, while favorable trading conditions impact the cost and profitability of trades. A reliable platform, good customer support, and convenient deposit/withdrawal options ensure a seamless trading experience. A good reputation reflects the broker’s trustworthiness and reliability.



Regulation is essential in choosing a forex broker as it ensures the safety of your funds and fair trading practices. A regulated broker must comply with strict rules set by a regulatory authority and provide transparent operations, with dispute resolution options available. If you have any Q's please ask our live chat!

Trading Conditions

Trading conditions, such as spreads, execution speeds, leverage, and margin requirements, are important when choosing a forex broker. These conditions impact the cost and profitability of trades, so choose a broker with favorable conditions for success. If you have any Q's please ask our live chat!

Customer support

Customer support is a crucial factor in choosing a forex broker. A good customer support team should be available 24/7, responsive, knowledgeable, effective in resolving issues, and offer support in your preferred language. This can can greatly enhance your overall trading experience.

Trading platform

The trading platform is a critical component in choosing a forex broker. It should be user-friendly, reliable, offer essential trading tools and features, be customizable to meet your needs, and compatible with your device and operating system. A good trading platform is crucial for a seamless and successful trading experience.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal options are crucial when choosing a forex broker. Choose a broker with convenient payment options, secure transactions, low or no fees, and reliable processing times for easy and secure fund management. If you have any Q's please ask our live chat!


The reputation of a forex broker is crucial as it reflects their trustworthiness and reliability. A good reputation means fairness, transparency, and adherence to industry standards. Research and read reviews to determine a broker's reputation. A good reputation provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of funds. Any Q's please ask our live chat!

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We're always happy to talk. Use the bottom right corner of this page to contact our live chat team, or click the button below to send us an email!

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