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Trading Anywhere As a Nomad!

In my experience, the most efficient and effective method of earning money through trading is by adopting a low-frequency, hands-off approach. This approach, known as “trading from anywhere,” involves making trading a complement to one’s lifestyle rather than its primary focus. By taking a minimalist approach to trading, where small but high-conviction trades are made, traders are able to stay connected to the markets while also engaging in other activities such as traveling, holding down a job, or pursuing other side-hustles.

This approach, known as “sniper trading,” not only benefits one’s stress levels and overall well-being, but it also has a positive impact on one’s trading account. It is important to maintain a balance in life, and this applies to trading as well. Many traders fail because they do not practice moderation, becoming overly absorbed in short-term charts and falling into the trap of day-trading.

I recommend adopting the mindset of a “global nomad trader” or “part-time trader” who also has other sources of income. Most successful and wealthy individuals have multiple streams of revenue, and it is not wise to place all of one’s hopes and dreams into trading. By focusing on higher time frame charts, such as weekly, daily and 4-hour time frames, and by checking charts on a daily or every other day basis, traders can avoid the noise of intraday movements and make more informed decisions. This low-frequency approach allows traders to enjoy their lives and not be tethered to their computers constantly.

In conclusion, the “nomad trading” approach, which allows traders to trade from anywhere, is not too good to be true and is in fact the best way for most traders to succeed. By focusing on higher time frame charts, adopting a low-frequency approach, and diversifying one’s income streams, traders can achieve a better balance between trading and their personal lives.

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